About The Glossary


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How did it get started? How did these terms get chosen? What was the process?

Step 1: Term Submission

The first step was for committee and other members to submit terms for consideration.

Step 3: Write Definitions

After selection, the committee members wrote definitions, sometimes sourcing them from third-parties (attribution is provided).

Step 5: Publish Definitions

Once approved by the WGs, the definitions were returned to the committee where they were reviewed and stamped as "ready for publication." Finally, they were uploaded to this website.

Step 2: Term Selection

The second step involved the committee members discussing terms, categorizing them, and voting for selection.

Step 4: WG Input and Approval

Once the committee approved a set of terms, they were sent to the appropriate working group for input and approval.

This glossary was a combined effort from many members in the Streaming Video Alliance. Last year, the Board of Directors approved the creation of a committee to tackle projects not related to a specific working Group. The first project this committee addressed was creating a single, authoritative source for industry terms and definitions.

Find out How You Can Contribute!

This glossary is developed and maintained by the Streaming Video Alliance Industry Resources Committee. If you have questions about the glossary or the Alliance, you can contact the organization.